About Barry Howard

Barry Howard
President/Creative Director
Barry Howard Limited

A pioneer in the field of interpretive design, Barry Howard has achieved international prominence through the creation of myriad Cultural Attractions, Museums, Visitor Centers, Worlds Fair Pavilions and major exhibitions.

Trained as a fine artist and theatrical designer, he brings to the Interpretive/Experience Design profession a strong sense of dramatic narrative and an instinctive insight into the psychology of audience response. Mr. Howard’s empathy and passion for the pageant of human history, the natural environment and shifting patterns of popular culture are the foundation on which the office is constructed and consistently evidenced in its extraordinary body of work.
He has over the course of his career chronicled the American experience and explored the future horizon. In addition, his propensity for thinking “outside the box” and adapting innovative technology to user-friendly, interactive and immersive experiences has become legendary in the design profession.

Mr. Howard’s’ expertise encompasses all relevant design disciplines and every aspect of project development from master planning and conceptual visioning through complete design and implementation. That broad experience notwithstanding, the current exponential growth in communication technology, increasing overlap between educational and entertainment-driven attractions and heightened emphasis on economically sustainable performance, mandates the strongest possible inter-disciplinary creative collaborations.

It is that path we choose going forward.

Barry Howard Limited

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